Why You Shouldn’t Walk Around Barefoot, Even at Home

Kicking off your shoes the second you get home is just what you need to relax after a busy day. But letting your tired feet relax doesn’t equate to going completely barefoot at home. In fact, walking around with no house shoes can have some unpleasant consequences for the health and beauty of your feet.

We at WHATYEXPECT also feel too lazy to change into our house shoes sometimes. And we decided to find out what happens if you walk barefoot on a daily basis.

1. Your feet are more exposed to bacteria.

Why You Shouldn’t Walk Around Barefoot, Even at Home

Even if you’ve just washed the floor, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely germ-free. Your floors may look clean, but in reality, there’s still house dust that contains lots of harmful bacteria and fungus. If you are walking around in bare feet, you are exposing yourself to microorganisms that may infect the skin of your feet. This, in turn, can infect your toenails and cause them to turn yellow and brittle.

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